Best Blender For Bulletproof Coffee 2020 – Hot Liquids & Soups

Coffee is usually the ”high need” of the mornings when you are just about to hit the work and need a real quick punch of zest to hit it plainly harder. While some people love to have low-fat meals or snacks for breakfast, others hanker for some high-fat food and drinks. It is just about diet preferences.

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Bulletproof coffee is actually so different from regular coffee and is prepared with different and few of the additional ingredients. You need brewed coffee, a tablespoon of MCT coconut oil, and grass-fed unsalted butter.

With the making, as you must have these ingredients so you should also have a particular blender to give it a final touch of taste and texture. I have found out the best and useful blenders for this purpose, you are bound to get benefited.

Hamilton Beach –  Best Hot Soup Blender

Hamilton Beach 58148A Power Elite electric blender approaches in a glass jar up to 40 ounces of the total volume. You may find it in color black, an evergreen color. All of its parts are dishwasher safe.


With inordinate 12 blending functions, you are not just bound to make a bulletproof coffee but an exceptional number of heart soothing drinks. The Hamilton beach blender is just as good in crushing ice as some most famous and expensive blenders in the market.

It is worth trying because it makes the blending an interesting kitchen game. Do it not just for the appetite but for the boredom. The 700 watts peak power is all you need under $50 to give the blades heavy friction while you make for yourself an amazing bulletproof coffee.

Not just a coffee, this blender is a valuable necessity of winter season for a variety of hot soups besides. The weight of this blender is around 7.72 pounds, further, the other dimensions of this machine are 6.8 x 9.5 x 15 inches.

Moreover, it carries a 3-years limited warranty. Quite good. It is the best blender for any kind of hot liquids, most precisely the hot coffees and hot soups.

Ninja –  Best Blender for Hot Liquids Under 100

Ninja BL610 Professional Countertop blender owns a very 72-ounce jar, a big treat in a relatively small price. The black color increases the overall attractiveness in the looks, compelling you to buy right there at the spot before any second thought.


As the motor runs the machine, Ninja blender is not less in performance. It’s 1000 watt peak power is where the magic lies in, giving the food constituents a hard time of blending.

The coffees are made tasty and more swiftly now. Again, the Total Crushing technology tends to crush and blend the ice completely into the drink’s plain consistency that you will only get the ultimate coolness to your sensors and not the cubes in the mouth.

Moreover, the crushing part is enhanced with 6 blade assembly, all the great powers put in one unit. The machine parts are designed BPA free and are also dishwasher safe. On unboxing, you also collect 16 oz Nutri Ninja cups with To-Go lids for mess-free pouring.

Besides, you get a Recipe book to expand your taste varieties. Though not so loud unit and is under control.
It is an essential of every kitchen hold. This great food instrument’s dimensions to be mentioned are 10.6 x 8.2 x 15.8 inches with a weight of almost 8.99 pounds.

It is the best coffee blender and other summer drinks that too just under $100.

KitchenAid- Best Immersion Blender Under 50

KitchenAid KHB1231WH is an exceptional hand blender of its own kind with a 3-cup BPA free blending jar with a lid. It is in white color. I have always been looking for a nice hand blender.

Though I bought many in between, none proved to be a decent purchase according to what we stand in need of it. Eventually, I found it out and I must say it is the best hand blender just under $50. It is one of those blenders that are manufactured in a great variety of colors.


It is where they care for their customers as many want themselves to rid of the normal every day every time colors of black and white. The KitchenAid get you as many colors as one can think of, such as Cranberry, Pink, Tangerine, Watermelon, Lavender, Ice, Boysenberry, Contour silver, Crystal Blue, Empire Red, Green Apple, Guava glaze, Hot sauce, Majestic Yellow, Matte Black, Matte Gray, Onyx Black, Pistachio and Twilight Blue.

Definitely confused about which color to choose now? Get the one that suits your kitchen interior. This hand blender performs to blend, crush, chop and whisk all the material well into whatever shape you wish for.

This helps remarkably in grinding away the coffee beans within seconds that you might need for making the bulletproof coffee. Right? Through the 5 speeds and 8-inch blending arm, do it even fast and quick now.
It only weighs 2 pounds. It has a 1-year limited warranty, but with a little extra care and maintenance you can successfully make it up to many years.

How to use bullet blender for thick smoothies?

You don’t really have to do much in the case of bullet blenders for the detailed and quick smoothies that are not only thick but yummy also.

These are itself designed to construct the texture extremely unique and outstanding that you can’t help but praise it. The bulletproof blender asks for the ingredients to put up together all at once before the blending and when it does, it does to create the youthful texture. The whizzing is extra and forceful, you get more than expected.


Agree or not but all these blender machines are just going to be marked as pretty good decisions and you will know that when you buy. Be it just for the sake of coffee or daily drink refreshments, a good blender is a boon.
Just hoping you may thank us at some point.

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